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This will be an unique opportunity to train with the Master of Russian Martial Art

The seminar will take place in 2021 !!!

* Due to internattional travels restrictions we had to postpone the seminar to 2021

Receive in first hand the updates of the seminar

Never miss any update from us.

Who is Vladimir Vasiliev?

Born in Russia, Vladimir Vasiliev received intense combative training and profound Systema training from Mikhail Ryabko. Vladimir moved to Canada, and in 1993 founded the first school of Russian Martial Art outside Russia – Systema Headquarters.

A lot of people can’t understand or see what happens during a trainning session. That’s why Systema Brazil Rio created some videos showing what we can’t see at first glance.


Local and Schedule

Local: São Paulo city / SP (the full address will be avaible soon)


Saturday november 21: 10 -13:30 /  14:30-17:00

Sunday november 22: 10-13:30 /  14:30-17:00

* The schedule can be altered without previous notice.


Instructor renewals, upgrades, and new evaluations are available during the seminar.

Participants and things you need

We welcome every person who has an interest in Systema, participants have to be at least 18 years old . No prior knowledge is required.


Until june 30 – US$ 250,00.

From July 1º to October 31- US$275,00.

*descount for cash payment (available only before the seminar), request more info by email.

Photo & Video

Photographing by participants is allowed any time. Filming is NOT.


Please, click here to fill your registration.

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